Our global team of highly experienced auditors provide GCP, GVP, GMP, GDP, GCLP, GLP and CSV auditing capabilities


Our processes include a technical peer review & QC check of all deliverable documents

to ensure quality and consistency

our auditing services


Zigzag has conducted hundreds of audits across all GXPs. We have supported a wide range of organisations with ad hoc local audits to full global audit programme management. Listed below are examples of some audit types that we have performed.

  • investigator sites

  • vendors

  • documentation

  • systems & internal processes

  • database/data management

  • statistics & programming

  • PV systems

  • affiliates/local operating companies

  • third parties (such as distributors marketing partners & service providers/vendors)

  • statistics and programming

  • API & IMP

  • storage/distribution centres

  • test laboratories

  • document/records

  • contract management organisations

  • CRO/vendor

  • critical phase/processes

  • facility inspections

  • study plan/amendments

  • study report & raw data

  • software suppliers

  • electronic records/signatures

  • infrastructure & IT service providers

  • statistics & programming

  • GXP-related systems

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