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"Their response time was wonderful. It makes a difference that Zigzag has an internal QC review process, especially when we utilise auditors globally"  International Biotech Company
our business continuity services

Zigzag offers the following services regarding Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) development:

  • Initial BC/DR assessment to determine level of planning and preparation required

  • Bespoke development of a BCP and/or BC/DR Plan including testing documents

  • SOP preparation to complement the BCP and/or BC/DR

  • Tabletop or scenario-based testing oversight to evaluate the Plan’s feasibility and effectiveness and associated testing results report

  • Onsite implementation of BCP and/or BC/DR Plan

  • Training provided to the entire organisation, or specialised teams/groups of responsible personnel


Additional services (optional):

  • Vendor identification and qualification (for those vendors to be used in BC/DR procedures [e.g., fuel companies, paper drying services, health care laboratories, offsite storage firms])


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