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"The Quality Assurance consultancy services that we offer go much deeper than just providing the right expertise. Flexibility, reliability and open communication are also essential to ensure successful product delivery"

our remote auditing services

At Zigzag, we have extensive expertise, experience and knowledge of conducting a huge variety of both remote and on-site audits from pre-clinical drug development through to post marketing surveillance activities in compliance with global GxP regulatory requirements. As such, we would like to provide expert knowledge and guidance to your company when assessing when and if remote vs on-site audits are appropriate and achievable, whilst not compromising quality and regulatory compliance.

remote auditing guide

In order to assess whether remote auditing is a feasible option, we have created a number of guides which help evaluate the key considerations and highlight areas to discuss. The guides currently available are as follows;

  • Guide to Remote Site Auditing

  • Guide to Remote PV Auditing

  • Guide to Hosting an Audit Remotely


To request a copy, please complete the below form and specify which guide you would like.

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decision making process for remote auditing

We have developed multiple Decision Tree documents which contain process maps, designed to provide guidance on how to determine your approach to remote auditing. The documents currently available are as follows;

  • Remote Auditing Decision Trees - Investigator Site Audits

  • Remote Auditing Decision Trees - Vendor Audits

  • Remote Auditing Decision Trees - Pharmacovigilance Audits

To request a copy, please complete the below form and specify which guide you would like.

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our vendor support services

Vendor's supporting the pharmaceutical industry are now increasingly being asked to host audits remotely.


Zigzag has extensive remote audit experience and also offer vendors advice on how to plan and prepare to host a remote audit. From the SOPs required to training staff, Zigzag is here to help support your needs. 


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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