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we believe that the following values are at the centre of what makes Zigzag unique

customer focused

We do not exist without our customers and every customer is equally important to us.  We strive to never keep our customers waiting for a response.  We treat clients with respect, we listen, and we take time to understand their expectations.  We are approachable, flexible and pragmatic.  We always provide a solution and we do not consider “No” to be a answer.

ethical behaviour

We are committed to conducting business to the highest possible standards of fairness, honesty and integrity. We are individually accountable and collectively responsible.

employee well-being

We invest in our employees and recognise that they are our greatest asset.  We strive to develop them to their highest potential and provide a safe working environment where everyone can make a difference.   

excellent communication 

Our communication is always responsive, open and transparent and conducted in a professional manner. We know when to listen so that our customers and colleagues are always heard.

seamless quality service

We provide our customers with a straightforward QA service. We always strive to deliver on time and within budget.  Our ability to deliver a global service, which is delivered seamlessly to our clients via our local offices, is one of our greatest strengths and what we hope makes us the global QA consultancy of choice within the health care industry.

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