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A Look Back to WeConnect's Article on Our Queen's Award Win.

Zigzag Associates Limited (‘Zigzag’), one of our certified women-owned businesses providing quality assurance services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade. The award was made for achieving outstanding growth in its export earnings of 316% in the last three years.

Founded in January 2010, Zigzag operates as an independent auditing and consultancy company for the industry, ensuring that clients adhere to required regulatory standards and that procedures are followed. Initially Zigzag primarily worked for UK-based clients, operating mainly in the UK and some mainland European countries. In the last three years Zigzag has expanded its client base to include large US and Japanese companies and now offers auditing services globally through a network of locally based consultants. This business model has proved to be highly successful and over the past three years Zigzag has audited in over 70 countries around the world.

Julie Beal, Managing Director, Global Client Services, said:

“We are extremely pleased to receive the recognition of a Queen’s Award for all the hard work building Zigzag into a truly international company. This is a proud moment for the Company and all our staff."

About Zigzag Associates Ltd More details of the company and Zigzag’s services can be found at

Note: Image has been edited to reflect current staff. Website has been edited to reflect current urll.


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