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The most popular dog’s name in Poland is “Burek"

- that means brownish grey colour. Pretty!

Today we have a GCP Site Audit in Poland so we've compiled our top ten favourite facts to share with you about this beautiful country. This post is part of a global series documenting the places where we audit around the world as a global QA company.

  1. The people of Poland are extremely strong: the most “World’s Strongest Man” winners are from Poland over any other country.

  2. Alongside many 'World's Strongest Man' titles, People of Polish descent have won 17 Nobel prizes, including four for peace and five for literature.

  3. Not only this but it was Polish born astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who is believed to be the first person to propose the theory that the earth was not the centre of the universe

  4. Another Polish astronomer, Jan Heweliusz, published the earliest exact maps of the Moon.

  5. Although Warsaw is now the capital, Poland has had many different capital cities in its time. That's including: Gniezno, Poznan, Krakow and Warsaw. Lublin has been the capital twice – after both World Wars.

  6. Poland has seven neighbours! Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Germany surround Poland on seven sides.

  7. Most of the country is flat, with an average elevation of 173 meters.

  8. The first surviving cookbook of Polish recipes dates from 1682 with the recipes having a strong Lithuanian, Tartar-Turkish, and German influence.

  9. Pierogi are delicious dumplings and a staple Polish food with endless options for fillings.

  10. The word 'Pierogi' is the plural. A singular dumpling would be called a pieróg - this isn't used due to there always being more than one dumpling.

Zigzag has three offices based in different parts of the world, a Europe office, a Americas office and a Asia Pacific office. Through these offices and a global network of employees and consultants we audit on a global scale. Let's share the journey.


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