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Looking Ahead to 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Here at Zigzag, we understand the importance of proper preparation. As on-site audits return and travel opens back up, the demand for auditors across the globe is likely to increase in the coming quarters. Therefore, we want to help ensure that you are suitably prepared for your 2022 audit program.

We have an extensive risk assessment process that individually assesses each on-site audit due to take place to determine the impact on both the auditor and auditee. Further to this, all our auditors are equipped to meet any site requirements such as PPE and COVID testing to ensure each audit is carried out to the standards of our clients.

Do you have a global audit program with a large resource requirement? Do you have audits with a large scope and require specific auditor experience? Whatever your requirements, we want to help support your quality needs.

Don't miss out before it is too late. To speak to one of our quality professionals, book a FREE 30 minute consultation here or email to find out more.


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